they’re so excited like little kids im gonna fucking cry

A Change of Heart

{{ ray/reader - fluff/very small amount of pg13ness. anon request for smut but I’ve been dulled by rain for days }} 

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this was the best lets play simply for all of the sick ryan fanart

mad king Ryan is my favorite thing

What about some fluffy Michael x Reader smut? uwu

Posted nonny.

The Bookish Types

{{ michael/reader - fluffy smut. for non. }}

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i missed you. you probably dont know how much of an impact you made on my life, and im crying i miss you so much

I have no clue at all nonny but hopefully I can help you out some more

im so glad that youre back!!! i was starting to get really worried

Rightfully so, friend. I’m hoping it doesn’t happen again.

i think i speak for a ton of people when i say i am beyond happy that youre still here, and alive.

Thanks non. It’s hard. Wonderful people like you help.